I love how you say butterty

3 Nov

We have been taking more nature walks  so you’ve been seeing the flora and fauna around us instead of at the zoo/ controlled environment.

Whenever ummi spot a butterfly, I would swoop you into my arms so we can watch the butterflies together as they flutter around flowers and us. We’ll watch as they land on a flower, go closer so we can watch as it flutters to another flower.

You used to call it papa. And a weekend ago, you said bu-ter-ty. Now it’s even closer.

We had great fun watching little fishes in the stream/ longkang. There was a family who were catching fish with just a small rectangle net and a little blue pail where they placed the goldfish they caught. I think I’ll do that with you when you are a little older. It’ll be so much fun!

We also saw monkeys and what’s left of terrapins at Macritchie Zig zag bridge where ummi used to see during cross country runs while at school. I think I would like us to take care of terrapins together when you are older. I hope you’d want.


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