My adorable 21 months old

27 Mar

He didn’t want to sleep last night even though it was lights off and his bedtime. I wasn’t feeling myself and kind of in pain, having coughing fits so I just wanted to sleep.

He was singing some nursery rhymes while rolling around in bed. I was facing away from him and started laughing to myself as I didn’t want to entertain him for fear of him not falling asleep soon.

Little boy: ok now wheels on the bus. Ready on your marks get set go, the wheels on the bus goes round and round…the mummy on the bus goes I love you I love you I love you, the daddy on the bus goes shh shh shh…all day long. Ok now abcd, ready get set go, abcdefghijkl…..Ok now the wheels on the bus…..and he went a few round until he fell asleep.

My little boy is growing and so is my love for him!

Yesterday he had a fall in school and I saw how Allah answers our prayers so fast when we are sincere. This is my hypothesis because I will never know Allah’s reason for answering my prayers. I was on my way for. Home visit to Bukit batok and I knew we would pass toa payoh but mum wasn’t home from fetching little boy yet so I could drop by for a little while. Fortunately, there was an accident on the expressway and the taxi detoured and entered toa payoh. I immediately told him to swing by my mum’s place and after waiting for a few seconds, I saw mum and son at the lift few yards away. I told the taxi driver to hold on while I ran to my son to see if he is ok. Showered him hugs and kisses before I hopped onto the taxi to continue onto my original destination.

Allah works in wonders. Alhamdulilah. And he protected my son from harm.

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