The long Easter weekend

6 Apr

Though it was tiring, Alhamdulilah it was well spent with the family.

River safari was better than expected as we got to see many animals up close and those were animals DS likes and enjoyed watching. It was nice to watch DS play and have fun with his cousin. We went with brother and his family.

We saw a lot more like alligators, tiger fish, many different types of cat fish, turtles, tortoises, red panda, river otters, some snakes, even salamander.

It was a pretty long and tiring day for us all, DS slept on the way home and woke up the next morning.

Visiting the in-laws was also part of the plan on the second day. I think I should be happy DS has such a strong attachment to his paternal relations especially his grandfather. He is also doted on by grandfather. I’m thankful number 2 would be coming soon InsyAllah, to stave off some attention from number 1. Actually it’s an assumption because number 1 can be grandfather’s favourite.

After that, we headed to puggol point park. It was pretty nice watching the terrapins up close. DS wanted to play sand so he did till the rain came.

We went out for dinner with mum. Mum was happy she got her tulips. She spent a great deal on big tulips. She wanted to get more flowers but stopped herself.

On the last day, we went to the Singapore Maritime Gallery. Brought back memories from childhood and from a few years back with husband.








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