Hello grey-eyed boy :)

26 Aug

It has been 2 weeks and my post on howyou came into this world is still pending.

It’s been marvelous getting to know you so far, you’ve been great at drinking and sleeping. Alhamdulilah you’ve been great other than that as well.

Your elder brother adores you; always insisting to sleep next to you and talking to you while you slept. He is a little rough so we are trying to minimize his close proximity to you but to no avail.

Ummi is also trying to manage taking care of the 2 of you and that has been challenging as your elder brother is pretty young and needs a lot of attention too. Insyallah Ummi is as fair as possible to the 2 of my darlings.

It feels different from when I just gave birth to your brother. It could be because you came out naturally. It could be I’m a second time mother so breastfeeding, diaper changing and sleepless nights are not so new to me. It could be I’m not free to time your naptimes as every opportunity I have is time to be spent with your brother who I hope has not been feeling neglected. I just go with the flow and take it in my stride. It might mean a more relaxed mother who is emotionally available, Insyallah.  I’m still working on it.

Today Ummi and your brother had some one on one time to run some errands at bugis. It was pretty tiring for ummi but it was nice.

@ 2 weeks 4 days old


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