My first born

30 Aug

I brought him for his gym class today because his father had a family event to attend.

I realised just how tiring it was for me perhaps because I just gave birth to a child 3 weeks back or maybe I’m just not very fit. I had fun though but yea to others it might appear like I cannot handle my own child because he was trying to cut the queue, he kept running away from me, he found a ball and a girl took it when he was playing throw it around and they ended up in a tug of ball and I asked him to give it.

What was amazing was he didn’t pinch anyone or push or snatch. I did give him a brief reminder before class to share and play with all his friends. The kids in his class are around his age so there is a lesser tendency for pinching or pushing unlike open gym when the younger babies are usually the targets. Just like poor little syukri at home.

Of late though he expresses more than aggression towards syukri, he attempts to hug and kiss the hand. Even in his attempts he tends to be a little rough.

As I watched him during the separation time where parents just sit and watch as kids play toys together with teachers, I realised he is just so special and I should love all of him including his aggressive side.

He follows instructions well and he didn’t snatch any toys and didn’t push his way to get space on the floor with the toys. After separation time, he went to sit next to the teacher on his own, didn’t look for me first. I realised how young he was and how he needed us.

I made sure to praise him for behaving well in gym class and being the wonderful little boy he is.

When I brought him out a few days back, he didn’t ask me to carry him either. It’s like he know ummi can’t carry him too much. He is just so considerate. He would climb the bus and enter mrt trains on his own, being careful with the steps and the gaps.

It struck me a few days back that my little boy has grown so fast. He can even problem solve! He enjoys listening to me share stories of my travels and sometimes I would tell him about things around us at lengths and he would listen quietly. He is also doing much more at the gym! Alhamdulilah 🙂

He is able to cycle his tricycle and skate on the skate scooter now.

I love you to the moon and back and much much more!



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