Now I know why the first born inevitably gets more

15 Dec

After having the second child, it’s like you’ve got even lesser time on your hands. Previously, when the baby is having a nap, we take a breather. Now when baby is having a nap, we spend time with the other one.

There was so much to blog about, my dear son’s no. 2 (ds2) milestones and development, beautiful moments with my ds1 and everything in between. We recently made a trip to the neighbouring country which was an adventure to say the least. And I thought travelling by an express bus to Kuala Lumpur would be a breeze with 2 young children, boy was I kidding myself since I wanted to travel so badly.

Now it’s back to work and my ds1 will say this when I bid him my farewell before leaving for work, ” ummi, why do you have to work? Ummi don’t go to work” a question I ask myself everytime but can go away with not answering it. This time, I could feel how inadequate and unconvincing my reasons were.

I also return home during lunch because ds2 doesn’t drink from the bottle yet, which I hope he does soon. It’s heart wrenching to see my ds1 looking at me with a sad look about him, the way he will try to get my attention the whole time I was at home trying to feed his little brother, he’ll turn solemn and quiet when I say I’m leaving back to work. The baby clearly shares his discontentment by staring at me hard as I nurse him.


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