Adventure Cove

12 Dec

The only photo we got of the whole gang (my sister in law was the photographer). 

There was something for everyone. Being at a waterpark brought back memories of visiting waterparks such as fantasy island and wild wild wet as a child with my cousins, aunties and uncles. Now it’s time for my kids to visit waterparks with their cousins. They were too young to enjoy the big slides but they had a whole lot of fun at the kids playground which was pretty fun. 

My brave little 3 year old is not so little anymore and he even went on big slides on his own! We started with slides with ummi and ayah then it seems he told his ayah that he wanted to go on his own and did so after I left to change the baby. 

The lazy pool aka adventure pool was great fun as we saw dolphins, stingrays and eagle rays as well as reef fish. 

The fathers did the adventure courses. If the water was not 4 metres deep, I would have bluffed my way and gone to get the adrenaline rush on the adventure course. I have to learn to swim soon otherwise. I think I can swim but not much. 

The mothers dragged Mukhlis to go snorkeling at rainbow reef. Mukhlis initially was excited that he met the heights requirements to go for the snorkeling but after he realised that he was the only kid with the 2 mothers he chickened out. We practically dragged him with us and the poor boy learned the hard way to breathe with snorkel. After a while, he got excited that there were fishes below us. His verdict after snorkeling- not fun. At least he tried and I hope won’t have a phobia of snorkeling. 
To the children’s playground we went till the end of the evening. 


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