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My attempt at Garlic Fried Rice with Breaded Chicken

20 Jan

While putting DS down for nighttime slumber, I planned the menu for dinner. Most of the time, we just buy out because after a long day, it’s just too exhausting to have to cook but I didn’t want to eat unhealthy outside food just because I’m a little lazy to prepare something.

I scaled down my plans a little because it was getting late when I have settled the baby.

Western food is a little quicker to cook than Indian food. It’s also because I baked maybe. The fried rice was Pilipino style.

Here goes:







21 Oct

It’s not pain for a split second but prolonged pain.

My left bottom wisdom tooth was starting to give me problems and the dentist did say he can feel it under my gums so to extract before it affects my other teeth.

Since I was still breastfeeding DS, I didn’t want to have to take medications unnecessarily but I guess it’s now or never so I went ahead with it.

ANOTHER surgery just 4 months after a major surgery. Somehow I remember the recovery from my cesarean to be quick and not too painful. Getting out of bed for the first time one day after surgery was excruciatingly painful I told myself I never want to give birth again! Oh that was then when everything hurt like crazy; eating, sitting, sleeping, breastfeeding, standing … I shall not go on because I think you got the idea. Ok I just reminded myself that the first few days was just as bad or maybe worse than now.

I can’t eat (weep) but I have to otherwise I’d be hungry. When I eat normally I get hungry so fast because baby is ‘ sharing’ my food. I used to eat so fast and rightfully so because baby needs lots of attention now that he’s a little mobile and has no inkling of dangers. It hurts to sleep on my side too. I could hardly open my mouth.

I think the dental clinic should give their patients a list of after surgery effects to expect like difficulty opening mouth, inability to chew and talk too much as well as swollen/ numb tongue etc like this website states clearly.

Oh well it’s starting to feel better on day 4, Alhamdulilah 🙂

For anyone interested, there is a photo of my super large wisdom tooth. It’s a little disgusting. Don’t look of you can’t see bloody stuff!



Rantings of a breastfeeding mother

20 Oct

When I made the decision to exclusively breastfeed, I thought I would have the support of everyone around me since i thought it was a privilege for a child to be exclusively breastfed.

How wrong I was to think that way! Alhamdulilah Allah has made it possible for me to carry on this far.

Today it just crumbled down on me, whatever that was hanging in the clouds. Somehow I feel my mother, who is going to be the main caregiver for DS when I get back to work, is not very supportive of exclusive breastfeeding. She didn’t say it out loud but I can sense it.

🐾How to have another child if you want to continue to breastfeed?

🐾Breast milk alone not enough. The baby will remain hungry.

🐾4 months can give cereal already so baby will sleep longer.

🐾How long are you going to breastfeed him?

🐾I heard someone breastfeed the child for so long, now he don’t want to drink from bottle.

As time went by, I realized that there were challenges ahead and i was willing to face them alone if i must but I always felt DH was a strong supporter of the path we chose; to exclusively breast feed our child.

Well it was mostly easy for him; he’s hungry, it’s feeding time, ummi is here to feed you, ummi will be here soon…his common dialogues. He was more supportive in the beginning; keeping vigil with us while DS nursed.

Maybe it became easier over time but I still wake up for diaper changes and night feedings. The job of a mother is 24 hours; it doesn’t matter if you are sick or well, tired or well-rested, you need a break to eat and shower and pray and…have some alone time (this is a dream). If DS needs a feed, diaper change or is just restless and sleepy you get moving!

I have some frozen breast milk but whenever I leave DS for a few hours with someone else, it’s always,”you will feed him before you leave right?” And it always feels like I’m troubling others when they have to take care of him. Of late, he chose not to nurse when I was out for 4 hours when usually he nurses very often.

Now he rejects the bottle! Is it my fault? Of course it is and tongues start wagging again. I made sure to introduce the bottle when DS was 6 weeks. There wasn’t a consistent effort though. I don’t leave DS with mother very often because honestly I rather bring him with me instead of troubling her. She has been rather busy these past few months.

I’m starting to panic because I’m returning to work in like 3 weeks. I haven’t pump enough milk. The frozen milk turned bad before 3 months. I have just started a new way of storing milk because we don’t have enough freezer space. I have to plan for pumping sessions at work. I have a trip to plan and prepare for and TONS of other things to do. There is very little I can do in the day because DS doesn’t have long day naps. I’m not complaining but I hope to have some understanding and support from those close and dear to me.

Despite all these, I enjoy breastfeeding my little sunshine! InsyAllah I can continue this sunnah. Ameen.

You’ve changed and grown so much in 3 months!

14 Sep

Dearest son,

I wish I can do more to protect you from everything evil and harmful.

This is the second time you’re down with cough and phlegm. Its so sad to see you ill; not drinking so well and my heart can’t take to see you cough. Your whole face turns crimson when your coughing fit refuses to stop. Ummi tries to hold you in all the positions I know but nothing works. I hear the phlegm gurgling inside but can’t see them thus am not able to do anything except to hold you and tell you that you would be alright.

You’ve been progressing well Alhamdulilah. At 2 months (13 weeks and 1 day) old, your neck is much stronger than before. The last we weighed you at KKH yesterday and you were 5.65kg Alhamdulilah. You’re smiling more and your Emma is so happy to play with you to make you smile. I just realized this morning that you can track even with very little light in the room. You find your mittrns a delight to suckle on. I will find it soaked if I leave you by yourself for a while. Usually you’d try to bring your hands back to your mouth if I pull them away. You’d enjoy sucking your fingers too if I removed your soaked mittens.

Your toothless million dollar smile can melt any hearts.

Your feeding pattern is still inconsistent and varies from time to time. Your drinking well Alhamdulilah. I hope we’d reach a somewhat stable pattern before I go back to work!

As for your learning, you enjoy listening to stories and the dot cards are your favourites so far and of course you seem to enjoy colourful pictures. You listen to stories in a number of different languages and I think you have your favourites too.

Ummi worries for when I return to work and there’d be tons of things I need to do for you and too little time. Allah is the best of planners so I shall leave it for now and enjoy what we have right now.

Your ummi (who will always love and protect you as long as she can)


18 Jul

We had baby Ilyas’s one month developmental checkup at the polyclinic in the morning. He is 3.71kg now! Yay! Alhamdulilah…he has also grown taller by 5cm so he is now 55cm tall.

In the late afternoon we headed to Countryside Clinic located at Yishun ring road to get baby Ilyas’s circumcision done by Dr Zailan.

The husband and I went into the room with him. I sat on his right side and the husband sat in front of him. With my hands holding firmly onto baby Ilyas’s arms, the husband holding onto his legs; doctor started on the job. I tried to look but there was so much blood I gagged.

First was the injection to numb the little Mr p. Then doctor handled Mr P with surgical scissors from the tip, he opened it up to reach within and placed the ring before they tied to cut off blood circulation I think. I thought it was over when doctor started cutting the foreskin. My heart couldn’t take it any longer, I had to look away.

There was so much pain and my poor baby cried his eyes out. His mother couldn’t cuddle him but just watched as he was being circumcised.

He stopped crying once the procedure ended. Not sure if he still felt pain but I was holding him or because the pain was lesser after the procedure ended.

Lots of nursing and cuddling throughout the night for my brave little man who didn’t cry as much as I imagined he would because of he pain.

Alhamdulilah he is better now, the ring has not dropped off but he is back I normal. I’m just refraining from putting him on his tummy for now, to be safe.

Disclaimer: I didn’t see the whole procedure because I was grossed out! So my account of how it happened is just an inkling I have.

*Baby Ilyas had his circumcision done at 34 days old.

# update on 27 July 2013: The ring on his Mr p dropped today at around 5pm. Alhamdulilah. And yay we an continue the motor programme!!! He was doing so well on his crawling track but I think we would have to restart…hopefully he will progress well!

Photo of the ring:


Happy pills

8 Jul

The conversation at the doctors went like this:

Mum was carrying him today so she sat next to the doctor with baby Ilyas.

Doc: so you’re here for the jaundice level check right?

Mum: yes.

*we were both eagerly waiting to hear the results as its been a long tiring few weeks of going to and from the polyclinic so we were really hoping it will be good news*

Doc: you’ve been here 6 times for the past 25 days and its quite a few times.
Today his jaundice level is 99. We discharge babies once jaundice level reaches below 100. It’s still not normal but it’s in a downward trend so we will discharge. Normal range should be below 50.

I was filled with relief! Alhamdulilah. It’s not just the dressing up, packing his bag, carrying him, troubling my mum to drive me there and stay with me, queuing up for registration, lab test, watching as the medical technologist draw 2 fine tubes of his blood, waiting for a while to see the doctor afterwards EVERY SINGLE VISIT. I bet my mum was relieved too!

Doc: he is exclusively breastfed right?

Mum: ya she does.

Doc: that’s really good and you should continue as its good for him and generally breastfed babies have jaundice longer and it takes longer to drop. Just continue to monitor him and if you notice his eyes are yellowish, you can bring him in.

Mum: ok. she wants to weigh him, can she?

Doc: yea sure.

Mum carried him and places him on the weighing scale. Doc was standing there.

Doc: how heavy was he when he was born?

Me: 3kg and then it dropped to 2.8kg.

Doc: yea it’s normal for babies to lose weight and then they will gain a few grams everyday after. He should be around 3.4kg now.

We looked down at the scale and it read 3.41kg. Alhamdulilah, it was driving me nuts not knowing if he is growing well since I see him everyday. I did notice that he was heavier but still…

Spot on doc! He wasn’t looking! Oh well it was one of the more pleasant doctor visits with Ilyas. Turns out he is an Indian Muslim doctor we gathered when we left his office. He even has the husband name. Some doctors just tell us the jaundice level and we leave. I realized I forgot to request for the patients copy of the lab results. It’s ok! He is in the clear! ☺

We’re saddened by the death of one of the fishes

9 Dec

Innalillah wa inna illahi raajiun.

I’m deeply saddened when my brother called me to join in the commotion outside where a fish just died. It has been with us for around for 10 months.

Actually it’s my brother’s fish investment. But over time we grow to get used to having the fish around though it’s my father who usually feed them and clean the tank. After some time, my father’s off day was a day for a feast for them as they would get frogs instead of worms.

I don’t look at them much though the tank is right outside my room.

The fish’s death still affected us all. I think it has to be the way it looked in its death, sad and like it suffocated to death; it’s fins and tail were bitten, it’s body has a few red marks. We do not know the cause of death but it didn’t look like a peaceful death.

It used to be the quieter fish which would not eat the frog or the worms as fast as the bigger fishes.



An ‘adventure’ of our own

27 Nov









learn about autistic children …rather sad actually

7 Sep

Basically they are obsessed with round objects, string like things, their body  parts, stacking and lining things up and doing the same thing over and over again.

They might look cute to us at a young age but only their parents know the difficulty of raising them. Some of them dont talk till a later age. These children do not yearn their parents touch and attention like normal children, instead they are in their own world mostly.

Losing weight strategies in the different cultures

3 Apr

From reader’s digest i found lying on my student’s table:

French: Eating together promotes eating less as talking forces one to eat slower. That in turn gives time for your body to tell you that you are full.

Brazilian: Eat just rice and beans. The best way is beans only.

Indonesian: They either fast or live on just rice and water.

Thai: Eat lots of spicy food to increase the metabolism.

Polish/Poles: Budget alot or eat at home. The time when people got too busy to cook at home saw an increase in obesity.

Germans: Eat breakfast! *75% of Germans eat breakfast*

Netherlands: Biking! They ride their bicycle to the supermarket or to work etc.

*I remember seeing separate traffic lights for bicycle and pedestrians in Stockholm when i was there i guess the culture in Sweden is quite similar since they are quite close by.*

Finland: Take up Nordic walking.  They walked with walking poles which helps them exercise their limbs while walking.

*I used to wonder why even the young needed walking sticks but turns out its their way of exercising*

Switzerland: Museli. It helps to keep one from being hungry that quickly.

* i did consume museli for health and budgetting reasons in Finland. They can be very expensive if there is a variety of dried fruits mixed together…i remember it can cost up to 5 to 6 euro for perhaps a small packet. Well after some time i bought plain cornflakes instead because it came in this big big packet 1kg! and it was cheap. I noticed my house mates mixing sugar when they eat museli so i did it as well for the cornflakes to add more taste*

Hungary: Pickles.

Norway: Hiking with the family every week or fortnight.

India: Yoga has been practiced for many years.

Japan: Afternoon nap.

*sayang, now it makes sense 😉 *

Mexico: Heavy lunch but light dinner so that by morning, you’d be hungry to eat breakfast and the cycle repeats.