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NZ: Drive Hokitika to Wanaka

17 Jan

I guess the effect of the trip has almost rubbed off thus I forgot to continue blogging. Ok maybe that’s not entirely true but the things to do in my personal life and work life engulfed me…

So back to beautiful New Zealand!

It was a long way from Hokitika which is a little north west of south Island to somewhere to the middle of South Island. We travelled along the coast to Franz Josef Glacier which was a manageable 2hrs drive from Hokitika. 

We stopped along the way and saw some beautiful alpine parrots, the kea, for the first time. 

Some of the views on the way to Wanaka from Franz Josef Glacier. We were supposed to stop by lake moeraki but we couldn’t really find a nice spot to look for penguins in the heavy downpour. 

This photo was taken when we all attempted to climb up to see the face of what’s left of the Glacier. Around 30 minutes into the hike a nice lady told us that it’s not suitable for a baby as it’s not the easiest hike. So we all went back down sent the kids and my mum to the car where they took shelter from the rain and had their lunch. 

The husband, father and I went all the way. Beautiful sights or nature all the way, it was drizzling all the way up and back. We were all pretty drenched after the 2.5 hours hike. 

Honestly I didn’t plan the details of this hike but alhamdulilah it worked out alright for us all. 

I would say that the Glacier wasn’t spectacular though, not sure if we went with guides it would have been better. The place though was beautiful and I love nature so being in nature with the husband was a nice experience. There was a beautiful waterfall, rock formations, streams and boulders. 

I think my hp battery went flat so I couldn’t capture much photos but the memories etched deep in my heart. That’s what matters most right?

After Franz Josef Glacier, we headed to Wanaka I think a 3 hours drive. That’s when we first spotted the lupins. It started with yellow ones then purple ones. As we travelled further, we saw so many beautiful colours of lupins lining the roads. 

Basking in the beauty of Allah’s magnificent creations surrounding us. I got the chance to talk about Allah and all his creations around us with Ds1. 

We arrived in wanaka at 8.30pm, grabbed dinner at an Indian restaurant ( there were a couple of them) and reached our accommodation at 10pm.


Conversation this morning with my 17 month old

3 Dec

DS: go down
Ummi: careful (as he maneuver his way down the bed, climbing over me)
DS: open the door
Ummi: where do you want to go?
DS: shop
Ummi: what do you need to buy at the shop?
DS: egg
Ummi: what are you going to do with the egg?
DS: cook
Ummi: who are you planning on cooking for?
DS: (his name)

After looking at some word and picture cards, he wanted more of a particular type of cards and insisted he see it. I said no as I was about to leave for work, he insisted.

He likes to say push ummi just for fun at times and he did that.
ummi: sayang ummi
DS: push ummi, carry you.
Ummi: ummi go to work, you push ummi

DS kept silent as ummi walked away. Sat on the swing and looked down at his lap. I checked on him a few times. He didn’t try to free himself from the buckles of the swing. He looked so sad it made me sad.

Ummi came before leaving from work and asked for a kiss, he said push ummi and kissed ummi. I carried him around before leaving for work.

I wonder if he knew I wanted to leave for work and instead of telling me not to go, he using reverse psychology on me? If I tell ummi to stay, she would go. Of I told ummi to go, she would stay.

I miss him! Together, we miss ayah 😦

One year of pure love

14 Jun

My dearest son,

In the blink of an eye you turned one. Your presence in my life has been like no other.

Your smile, the first time you overturned, when you first crawl, your first steps…they were wonderful moments. Sometimes I choose to bask in them other times I remember to capture them.

It’s beautiful to watch you learn and grow. Alhamdulilah. Ummi is grateful to Allah for the pleasures of having the wonderful opportunity to watch how you grow. We are encouraging (aggressively) anne Mukhlis to keep his toys and you, my lovely boy is learning and helping too. There is good in everything, masyallah. Being the second little one has its merits.

You’re eating fruits, vegetables, rice, fish and even chicken. It has been a breeze introducing food to you and you take it well and fast Alhamdulilah.

Of late, you’ve been scrunching up your nose while you play certain things. Ummi has been introducing life skills, fine motor and gross motor skill activities and you’re faring pretty well Alhamdulilah.

My dear, your walking now but you still prefer crawling because oh boy you crawl so fast. We even brought you for a crawling competition.

You’ve been on 2 trips with ummi and ayah as well as with Emma and vaapa. You were great in Cambodia and a favorite in Korea. No more trips for a while now because it’s tiring on your ummi.

I’m enjoying every moment I spend with you.

I”ll not trade the times we roll around in bed and giggle until you’re too sleepy, you’ll crawl to me and lie on my lap while sucking your thumb.

I”ll not miss kissing you goodnight and in the morning before I leave for work.

I”ll never bore from watching you sleep, my little angel. There is something so mesmerizing about that.

I”ll never feel exhaustion meeting your every needs especially when I come to bed to doze off and you stir in your sleep requesting for milk.

I”ll never stop loving you, my precious child.

With love, the purest of all from mother to child, (besides God’s love)
Your ummi

First steps

10 Jun

Dearest son,

You took your very first step on 24 May 2014 @ 11 months 10 days. It was an amazing moment to experience and whenever I revisit the experience, the feeling is surreal.

You went one step, 2 step and you’d fall gracefully on your little bump. Today, I witnessed you taking it further … 3 step 4 step. @ 4 days shy of 12 months

To many more milestones ahead!

With lots of love,
Your ummi

Sitting down?

3 Feb

You’ve tried sitting a few times but most times it’s not so clear when you actually sit on your bottom.

Now, you’re able to move ever so gracefully into the siting position. Though a bit wobbly, you do it so elegantly. A little different from how I saw anne Mukhlis do it when he was your age. Alhamdulilah.

My darling boy is moving on fours

29 Jan

We watched him crawl on fours today! How wonderful to watch this little person roll from his back to his little tummy and push himself upward and glide forward. And suddenly he can crawl on fours. He can even crawl down little steps!

He was attracted to the little drains in the kitchen. He likes paper too! When uncle Irshad was sitting with some papers he was sorting through, he crawled as quickly as his little knees and legs can bring him towards the papers to grab and crush them.

He’s fast Alhamdulilah. It also means he can’t be left alone for too long or you’ll find him in another part of the house clawing at some wire or string or a bag strap etc. even if you leave him with all his toys. I guess he is an explorer now!

@7 months 15 days


28 Dec

Dearest son,

You had avocado for the first time today! Yay! It was a success Alhamdulilah. You liked it better than the carrots.

Ummi had to cut it, spoon it out, blend it up, add a little breast milk and mix it thoroughly. Yummy! You had a wonderful breakfast.

It gives me great comfort and pleasure to prepare food for you and watch you enjoy it. Alhamdulilah.

With lots of love,
Your non-chef ummi


6 Jul

Dear son,

You’ve been a ‘bundle of joy’ so far and my unending love for you is only increasing as the day go by, no matter the difficulties. The saying is in inverted commas because its such a cliche and not because it’s not true!

It’s been a little more than 3 weeks since you came into our lives and occupied every part of our sleeping and waking moments. Alhamdulilah. Even while you sleep, people who visit just comment on how well you sleep but only your ummi and ayah know the truth. (Your nyayi, Mami siti, aunty Adilah commented that you sleep a lot)

You’re just a baby with a few basic needs; to eat, poop, pee, burp and sleep. Sometimes you get cranky when you’re struggling with any of the above-mentioned. To be honest, I try to relieve you to the best of my knowledge most of the time. There are times your ummi is so tired I just snooze for a few minutes before I wake up with a start to tend to your needs.

It’s not a checklist your ayah think it is; diaper change check, drank milk check, burp check…” What else could he want?” your ayah wonders out loud. It’s trial and error for us to guess what your next need is.

Your ummi is getting used to your cluster feeds and the queer feeding behavior at times but other breastfeeding mothers shared that its all pretty normal and with time…you’ll grow out of it😉

Motherhood is great! Some days are better than others. Alhamdulilah for everything. With hardship comes ease, no? InsyAllah Ameen.

What I’m enjoying right now is…teaching you little things, talking to you about the day, watching you move yourself on the crawling track with much ease after some difficulties but you’re a pro my boy! I also love looking into your deep, wide eyes as you stare back at me.

Your ayah and i really love the cute sounds (cooing and ahhing) you make ever so often when you are awake and satisfied after your feeds!

With love,
Your ummi (who will always love you)

Of bringing DS into this world

22 Jun

So much went by from the time I admitted myself into the hospital until the time I reach home and even after that.

I shall a summarize it with these phrases;

Under the surgeon’s knife I went, to get you out of me safe and sound.

I felt numb until I heard your first cries when nothing but pure joy filled my soul as tears streamed down my tear-stained cheeks.

I yearned for a look of your angelic face, one I’ve been waiting to see for 10 months long.

They made me wait even longer before I set eyes on you for the very first time and kissed you lightly on your soft cheeks.

When your father whispered prayers in your ear, you were quietly listening.

The explainable joy of having my first skin-to-skin contact with you lying peacefully on my chest was one never i forget. Love overwhelmed my heart and overcame all else.

You skillfully latched onto me after several failed attempts. Good job my lil man. Never lose the fighting spirit to persevere despite hardships.

Pain was there with me every step of the way and it only got worse before it became better. For that I thank Allah, our creator and the creator or all creations.

Fatigue and sleeplessness drained me dry lest i forget the joys of motherhood.

Your occasional smiles melt my heart for you smile while asleep.

Watching your peaceful and satiated face after a feed brings just joy and satisfaction to my heart, that I was able to do that for you. Alhamdulilah.

Visitors come and just stare as you sleep or watch them with your large wondering eyes.

Today at 8 days old, you made me tear with joy at just watching you sleep so peacefully, slightly twisted to your right and your little hands cupped below your chin, tiny legs crossed over the other. I believe you were in this position my womb…thus the comfort of sleeping on your side now. Alhamdulilah. Your tiny movements and stretches while you stir in your sleep is so intriguing to watch. Masyallah the creation of Allah is so amazing.

Good company

18 Aug

It was a blast! To the past.

Actually we didn’t really talk about the past so much but the future and the usual catch up stories.

Great news were shared:)) another friend tying the knot soon and I’m really happy for her!

When it had to end, we parted ways with heavy hearts and tired faces. A glimpse of the good ol’ days. I got presents too! How wonderful is that when its not even my birthday =D