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A day of many firsts!

2 Jan

We started breakfast a little late because dear son had a morning nap at 10am.

I really wanted to make him something but didn’t have the time unfortunately so we tried the Gerber’s applesauce. He ‘irked’ it just like carrot. This time I tasted it and boy was it sweet! I tried. DS tried despite not liking it. I gave up before he did and we went back to plain reliable old healthy times cereal. I think it’s oatmeal for now. It was brown rice for a while and now oatmeal and hopefully it’ll be barley next insyAllah.

*i realized I speak to DS a lot in my blog compared to the speaking of him*

We had a splashing time at the pool! Well I did. You were quite expressionless mostly, how we realized you normally are when it comes to new experiences. Maybe you’re a thinker like me haha! We brought many toys and a thick towel for you! Ummi was quite scared and afraid, not sure how you’ll take it and whether it’ll be too cold for you in a normal adult pool. We spent around 15-20 minutes in the pool with me carrying you, twirling you, swishing you around! We concluded with a relaxing time leaning on ummi while we glide slowly through the water.

We headed to the beach next! You slept in the ride all the way there and you seemed pretty dazed and tired from the days activities. We took it slow. You were looking around, very curious of your surroundings. Uncle Reyas and aunty Adilah joined us there. They tried playing with you but you didn’t entertain them much. We took turns bringing you down to the water. Aunty Adilah also tried getting your feet to touch the water crashing into the sand but you cried. You didn’t like it. We tried again but you started crying when the water started coming towards you. It’s ok, we’ll try again next time and we can build sandcastles together too!


Time for chicken curry!

29 Dec

I don’t cook very much. The only time I cooked a lot was in Finland, out of necessity and eventually because I enjoy it. Ah! Finland! Lots I wonderful memories, Alhamdulilah.

Since the parents aren’t around, I decided to whip some food so that we don’t have to eat unhealthy and expensive outside food which can be not that tasty sometimes.

The husband also don’t really get me to cook if we don’t have dinner because it tires me, after a day of tending to the little one, to have to cook can be very tiring.

Anyways I cooked out of necessity today and Alhamdulilah it turned out alright.

My first time buying a chicken from the wet market at 26 years old. Can’t believe I didn’t have to do it for so long! Just shows there can be a first time for many things even if you’ve tried a million things before.

Here goes!




Chicken soup, chicken curry and stir-fried veggies serves with white rice.

I miss going on dates with the husband

9 Nov

I had a wonderful time at Seasonal Salad Buffet. The salad was so fresh and I enjoyed most of what I ate. There was clam chowder and ice cream!

After 5 days of Cambodia, the food was just what I needed. The main course I ordered was sumptous; salmon dish. One of the nicer salmons I’ve ever tasted.

When I think salmon, I think Finland, having Iftar with the Nigerians, Somalian and Iraqi. They cooked the salmon with diced tomatoes and sliced onion and add some seasoning, the result was salmon which remained fresh and soft. Then it was stuffed into bread together with scrambled eggs. And toasted. Omg I so enjoyed it!



It feels like old times

15 Sep

It’s been really long since we had time just to ourselves. We speak in hushed tones and tiptoe in our room to avoid waking the sleeping baby. We hardly have time to talk because dinner time is rushed to check on sleeping baby. Weekends are spent visiting in laws and at weddings with a little baby.

Today we attended 2 weddings without DS. I told him before I left that we were attending a wedding and he should rest at home since he’s still unwell. Actually both of us have unfortunately gotten the bug from him but we went out anyway.

During our conversations, i felt old memories creeping back. It felts nice to spend some couple time. How to link arms with the baby in a stroller or a sling? Well…I look forward to spending more time with you dear husband! Even though I miss my little boy every time I leave the house without him even if its for a short while.



Date night

13 Feb

We rarely have date nights because we are too lazy to go out so unless we make it a point, we’d just have sumptuous home cooked food.

I wanted buffet salad and wild rice so we headed down to Earle’s swensens.

The walnut rocky road was heavenly!


Course :)

15 Oct



A garden wedding

5 Aug

I think I’ll let the photos do the talking this time.











Koh Samui ~ Ban Sabai Sunset Beach Resort

28 Jul

Our hotel offered free mountain bikes and kayaks. There is also a gym on the hill which is available for use by guests. Free bottles of mineral water and a fresh fruit basket available daily in our sunset room. ( from which we didn’t see much of the beautiful sunset unfortunately, I’m guessing it’s because of the rainy weather.) There is of course spa which I didn’t get any. Our sunset jacuzzi room boasts a jacuzzi of course which was really good.

The service staff were really courteous most times and always have a ready smile on their faces.







Above are some photos of our welcome drink, our room and the view from our room.

Romantic getaway ~ Koh Samui

27 Jul

Time travels so fast.
It definitely feels different traveling after being married for a day and compared to a year later.
The days flew by so fast that I didn’t realize it’s almost over. I’m going to post about our holiday a little differently this time.

Basic facts
We spent our holiday in the beautiful island of Samui, in the area of Ban Taling Ngam beach. We travelled around by rented car, GPS navigator and a map to the other areas namely Hua thanon, Lamai beach, Chaweng beach and a waterfall along the way.

Coincidentally it’s Mr Q’s birthday followed by our wedding anniversary, Alhamdulilah:)


The First Two Years: A Marriage Survival Guide

20 Jun

More Muslim marriages in North America are breaking up in their first year
than ever before, according to Shahina Siddiqui, executive director of the
Islamic Social Services Association of the United States and Canada (ISSA).

The first five to seven years are the most challenging of any marriage.
They are a time a couple spends getting to know each other better and
adjusting to each other’s habits and personalities.

Below are some of the main problems couples face in the early years and
some possible solutions.

1. Lack of proper information before marriage

A number of problems are caused simply by the fact that the couple and
their families have not discussed crucial issues beforehand. Some of these

·     whether or not the wife will work outside the home
·     will the couple wait to have children
·     which city and country the couple will live in after marriage
·     will they live with his parents or have their own apartment

These and other relevant issues need to be discussed and decided in the
beginning stages of the marriage process.

2. Who’s in charge?

One of the biggest problems is the tug-of-war between couples over who is
in control in the relationship. This has led to a stalemate in
disagreements, as well as bitter feelings.

Many couples today are refusing to compromise within moderation when
differences arise.

While from an Islamic perspective, the husband is given the leadership role
in the marriage relationship, this does not mean he runs the couple’s
family life like a dictatorship.

It must be remembered that Islamically, a leader is one who serves,
manages, provides and nourishes. A leader must also have humbleness and

A husband exercises the right kind of leadership by being listening to and
consulting (doing Shura) with his wife.

Also, a husband is bound to follow the rules of the Quran and Sunnah. So
differences in opinion should be referred back to these sources, instead of
becoming a source of tension and problems.

3. The divorce option

Once upon a time, “divorce” was the seven-letter word most Muslim couples
avoided using. Today, amongst many Muslim couples in North America, it is
one of the first recourses turned to when conflicts occur in marriage.

It should be remembered that out of all of the things Allah has made Halal,
divorce is the one He hates the most. Couples need to look at several other
alternatives before turning to this drastic measure.

They should seek the help of older, wiser and trustworthy elders who will
try to help them resolve their differences. Generally, they need to make a
sincere, concerted effort to try to work things out before divorce is
seriously considered.

4. Sexual problems

It is unrealistic to expect the issue of sex and sex-related problems to Continue reading