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To the goat farm we went

15 Feb

We went to the goat farm- Hay dairies at Lim Chu Kang.

It was so far away but worth it! Fun fun fun. Smelly too.

We learnt how the goats are milked and what happens to their milk. We bought some to try too! AVA has approved it to its clean and freshly pasteurized.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t touch or feed the goats.

We saw some kids in the enclosure.

We leant loads of stuff which we didn’t know before.
Did you know that goat’s milk is alkaline whereas cow’s milk is acidic?

Did you know goats produce so much less milk than a cow?

Did you know the mutton you eat is from Sherpa and not goats in Singapore?

Did you know a female goat is called a doe and a male goat is called a buck?

Did you know the doe is usually carrying 2 kids in a pregnancy?

Here are some photos from our excursion:


My attempt at Garlic Fried Rice with Breaded Chicken

20 Jan

While putting DS down for nighttime slumber, I planned the menu for dinner. Most of the time, we just buy out because after a long day, it’s just too exhausting to have to cook but I didn’t want to eat unhealthy outside food just because I’m a little lazy to prepare something.

I scaled down my plans a little because it was getting late when I have settled the baby.

Western food is a little quicker to cook than Indian food. It’s also because I baked maybe. The fried rice was Pilipino style.

Here goes:





Gardens by the bay and Kusu Island getaway

13 Dec












Gardens by the bay

28 Dec

I’m disappointed yet again. Really I’m now convinced that there is absolutely nothing locals can enjoy here except the food. My recent visits to the East coast beach and today to gardens by the bay was disappointing.


The only fascinating thing was the super grove trees which one can see while driving on ECP.


Besides that, I couldn’t find the dragonflies in the huge dragonfly lake which was a man made lake with absolutely nothing to see. It’s just a lake. Oh as usual there are a couple of man made mammoth sized dragonflies in the middle of the lake.

We walked through almost all of the garden area except for the conservatories. Could it be all free admission areas so they were BORING? The fruit and flower area had no fruit and flowers except a few. The undercover area which was suppose to feature mushrooms and such had no mushrooms at all. I started wondering I something was wrong with the signs.

Enjoy some of the photos we took of the Super grove trees. We didn’t pay $5 for the OCBC skywalk because to be honest the canopy walk in Macritchie is way better. The bridge wasn’t that high so I’m not sure what we are supposed to be able to see from there.

I gave this place a try because my mum wanted to go and because gardens meant flowers and mum loves flowers. There were flowers along the way but nothing unusual. Perhaps we would have seen more unique flowers in the conservatories.






I can ride a bike now!!!

23 Aug

Alhamdulilah 🙂

My morning started at 5.30am today. Headed out of the door at 6.15am and took a bus to Ubi.

The warm-up started. Basically we chose a bike and took it for a ride around the circuit according to test route. No warm up for road. I got bike number 36 again (same number during the first TP test).

Line up according to our number tags and submitted our identification cards and PDL.

Break for half hour

Detailed briefing on test route and stuff to remember, mainly on circuit test route.

10 TP testers came down with our documents. We had to queue up again and we had to say our name and IC number, we got our documents back.

All wait for their turns.

Your tag number is allocated based on age. I’m considered one of the older ones. Mine was 15 and boy it was 15 in no time.

I wore my helmet and gloves. Walked towards bike number 36.
I started to panic when bike number 36 didn’t want to start. I went to bike number 24 which I have used before and it’s generally ok. It started. I switched it off before releasing the main stand and mounting the bike. I couldn’t start 24 either. I attempted to kick start but it would not come alive! I honestly don’t really know how to kick start though I have been taught. The instructor taught me and I got it then. Anyways, I went to another bike and it came alive, bike number 31 which I don’t think I’ve use before. Alhamdulilah it was a good bike.

The circuit part was a breeze except the plank where I was too fast, the tester there was Malay man and he said 5 seconds. We are supposed to stay on the plank and glide through for more than 6 seconds.

I panicked. I thought it was immediate failure and I started thinking of the next test date. Yea I know I should be concentrating but I couldn’t. Exit circuit and went to the road which was great as well except the long queue when going to u turn and make right turn. Left turn was good because I remembered to stop at the traffic light line instead of waiting behind the white line. Alhamdulilah. It was also super hot! I felt beat after turning back into circuit.

I kept in mind what one instructor told us during re- training; don’t delay when moving off because he noticed that those who do that never pass the test, it shows poor judgement on the riders’ part. Alhamdulilah Allah made it possible for me 🙂

Ended my test. There were 35 more testees to go. I sat down and rest while I recited some prayer.

We all went up to a room on the third floor and sat there waiting for the results. There were 10 testers, each in charge of 5 students. They started coming into the room one by one to call a few numbers. Those whose numbers were called failed and the tester would explain their mistakes to them.

…44,45,…21, 23,24, 25,…11,14,…6,7, 10…it went on like this…

After that the instructor read out the rest of the numbers and announced the good news.

Alhamdulilah 🙂

The sky is a gorgeous blue today

24 Oct




Ah delicacies!

17 Oct

To carousel we went for hi-tea and had our lun-din. Can’t believe I am posting this while I’m starving. Oh well, we started with some light delicacies like the popish which was delicious, while he had pita and chicken shawarma (ah sweet memories of siwa) and some local rojak.

Vegetarian bee hoon and crab nuggets came together with my popiah. After some local food, we had some fresh raw sushi, salmon and little sandwiches.

There was chicken porridge, laksa, gado-gado, nasi lemak. We tried nasi lemak and chicken porridge and i really liked them.

Dessert was the best part! Spoilt for choices with chocolate fondue, cakes, puddings, tarts and our all time favorite – warm chocolate mousse(y) brownie with cold ice cream! 20111017-141428.jpg20111017-141636.jpg20111017-141707.jpg20111017-141721.jpg20111017-141732.jpg20111017-141747.jpg20111017-141800.jpg20111017-141820.jpg20111017-141901.jpg20111017-141916.jpg20111017-141943.jpg20111017-142006.jpg20111017-142023.jpg20111017-142035.jpg20111017-142046.jpg20111017-142110.jpg20111017-142122.jpg

Cultural trip to Little India

8 Oct

Part of my Basic Tamil Language module, we are expected to be exposed to the cultural part of the language.

I might be familiar with the Indian culture but there is so much more I discovered today:)

In three hours we toured some parts of little India on foot, had vegetarian dinner at Madras Woodlands which is somewhere I’ve always visited as a child, and a temple ( the first I ever entered in Singapore and realized it’s cleaner than the one in India).20111008-210610.jpg20111008-210624.jpg20111008-210702.jpg20111008-210755.jpg20111008-210836.jpg20111008-210851.jpg20111008-210912.jpg20111008-211040.jpg20111008-211109.jpg20111008-210937.jpg20111008-211323.jpg













18 Sep

I don’t know what is it with sunsets that I love so much. I remember the different sunrise and sunset I caught in the various parts of Europe and how much I loved them.


First trip to U town!

15 Sep

I was like an excited kid when I took shuttle bus D1 into u town for lunch at Koufu. (I had my doubts about it’s halal food only after eating there because the plates were placed together with other plates unlike in other canteens)

Anyway I took a few shots if the place which looks really nice and spacious. Definitely conducive study environment. Nice views from the labs too. Can you believe there is a lab just for Mac users? There is the other one for non-Mac users as well.20110915-094412.jpg