My adorable 21 months old

27 Mar

He didn’t want to sleep last night even though it was lights off and his bedtime. I wasn’t feeling myself and kind of in pain, having coughing fits so I just wanted to sleep.

He was singing some nursery rhymes while rolling around in bed. I was facing away from him and started laughing to myself as I didn’t want to entertain him for fear of him not falling asleep soon.

Little boy: ok now wheels on the bus. Ready on your marks get set go, the wheels on the bus goes round and round…the mummy on the bus goes I love you I love you I love you, the daddy on the bus goes shh shh shh…all day long. Ok now abcd, ready get set go, abcdefghijkl…..Ok now the wheels on the bus…..and he went a few round until he fell asleep.

My little boy is growing and so is my love for him!

Yesterday he had a fall in school and I saw how Allah answers our prayers so fast when we are sincere. This is my hypothesis because I will never know Allah’s reason for answering my prayers. I was on my way for. Home visit to Bukit batok and I knew we would pass toa payoh but mum wasn’t home from fetching little boy yet so I could drop by for a little while. Fortunately, there was an accident on the expressway and the taxi detoured and entered toa payoh. I immediately told him to swing by my mum’s place and after waiting for a few seconds, I saw mum and son at the lift few yards away. I told the taxi driver to hold on while I ran to my son to see if he is ok. Showered him hugs and kisses before I hopped onto the taxi to continue onto my original destination.

Allah works in wonders. Alhamdulilah. And he protected my son from harm.

I don’t want…said my 21 month old

9 Mar

It’s been sometime since I wrote in this space, there were moments I thought would be nice to capture but just didn’t find the time.

In my very limited spare time on the way to work, or at home, I contemplate what I would want to use it for in between work, course work, catching up with family, reading and preparing for the second little one, reading up on the first little one’s idiosyncrasies and just relaxing.

With a little one, there have been many changes. He is speaking better now Alhamdulilah :) yesterday myself and the husband experienced how animated he can be and he really made me laugh out loud. He has been a little more strong willed in the things he want to do . He wants to exercise his right.
I dont want ummi go pray…I don’t why ayah. I don’t want Syukri. I don’t want eat cereal. I don’t want to sleep. I don’t want to drink milk. Later on, when he wants he will drink the milk on his own. He will also tell us what he wants. I want to play plastacine. I want to see moon. I want play some more. I want biscuit. I want ummi. I want ayah.

I like to see how he interacts with strangers too…he will wave when asked to and say hello aunty with no hesitation most times. When we walked past a neighbor’s place and there was a little dog barking. He stood there and watched. I pushed him past the entrance but he came back to stand in front of the gate where the dog is and said hello dog. He seemed unfazed by the dog barking. When we were leaving, he stood at the gate and looked for the dog who was in a room in the house barking. He wanted to see the dog again and also because we said he could say goodbye to the dog.

When we bring him to the playground, most times he would be more interested in what is going on around the playground and less in the playground itself. I noticed this especially when it’s not a.New playground. If its his first time there he would play quite long. If it isn’t, he would look for the motorcycle, the cat lurking, the boy on the bicycle, the girl on the roller skates, the ants, the vehicles on the road etc. I wonder if it’s because of his curiousity of the surroundings and or which I hope i played a part in cultivating amidst his own thirst for knowledge.

I sense his need to interact more with others but I do sometimes restrict him which I hope to change so that he would be more free to explore new relationships.

Conversation this morning with my 17 month old

3 Dec

DS: go down
Ummi: careful (as he maneuver his way down the bed, climbing over me)
DS: open the door
Ummi: where do you want to go?
DS: shop
Ummi: what do you need to buy at the shop?
DS: egg
Ummi: what are you going to do with the egg?
DS: cook
Ummi: who are you planning on cooking for?
DS: (his name)

After looking at some word and picture cards, he wanted more of a particular type of cards and insisted he see it. I said no as I was about to leave for work, he insisted.

He likes to say push ummi just for fun at times and he did that.
ummi: sayang ummi
DS: push ummi, carry you.
Ummi: ummi go to work, you push ummi

DS kept silent as ummi walked away. Sat on the swing and looked down at his lap. I checked on him a few times. He didn’t try to free himself from the buckles of the swing. He looked so sad it made me sad.

Ummi came before leaving from work and asked for a kiss, he said push ummi and kissed ummi. I carried him around before leaving for work.

I wonder if he knew I wanted to leave for work and instead of telling me not to go, he using reverse psychology on me? If I tell ummi to stay, she would go. Of I told ummi to go, she would stay.

I miss him! Together, we miss ayah :(

17 months flew by us do fast just like the aeroplane

14 Nov

Dearest son,

Your favorite is my favorite now. I look out for aeroplanes when we hear the sounds of the plane. I look out for butterflies whenever we sniff a flower nearby. I have to look at where you’re pointing when you say ball and balloon because you spot them much earlier than we do.

Sometimes when I watch you sleep, I wonder where the time went, you’re so tall now. When I carry you while you sleep and nurse in the bus and realized how heavy you are. When I watch your playful demeanor, I wonder where you picked it up or is it you.

You had your first big injury one day after you turned 17 months. It was as if someone hurt me, I could feel the pain in my heart. You were the bravest boy, hardly wincing as I applied young living oils to aid healing amidst lots of prayer that it is not more serious than it looks. But trust me when I say it looks bad, really deep wound you got as you tripped in your paternal grandparents’s house and hit your chin at the corner of their television rack. I am thankful to Allah that it didn’t hit your eye or nose or forehead. Alhamdulilah you are healing well. I was so glad I could nurse you immediately after your fall to calm you down. I think the whole episode reminded me to be thankful manifolds to Allah.

Your loving your books and we have recently started on arts and crafts. You love playing with beans! After playing beans one day, you reminded me you wanted to play it again by saying this, “beans” “spoon” “cup” the things you used to play beans.

We have also been venturing outdoors to be closer to nature. We watched fish in a stream at bishan park. We flew kite at marina barrage after which we had some water fun. We spotted turtles, fish and swans at botanical gardens. We visited some monkeys at Macritchie.

With love,
Your ummi

I love how you say butterty

3 Nov

We have been taking more nature walks  so you’ve been seeing the flora and fauna around us instead of at the zoo/ controlled environment.

Whenever ummi spot a butterfly, I would swoop you into my arms so we can watch the butterflies together as they flutter around flowers and us. We’ll watch as they land on a flower, go closer so we can watch as it flutters to another flower.

You used to call it papa. And a weekend ago, you said bu-ter-ty. Now it’s even closer.

We had great fun watching little fishes in the stream/ longkang. There was a family who were catching fish with just a small rectangle net and a little blue pail where they placed the goldfish they caught. I think I’ll do that with you when you are a little older. It’ll be so much fun!

We also saw monkeys and what’s left of terrapins at Macritchie Zig zag bridge where ummi used to see during cross country runs while at school. I think I would like us to take care of terrapins together when you are older. I hope you’d want.

Go ‘chop’ buy ‘baloon’

21 Oct

My darling boy has been trying to communicate with us in baby English of late and it’s awfully cute!

This morning he took out his tricycle band then wanted to park it back under the table, “ummi, park”

I love this! We wanted to go to the market to buy fish so usually I’d go, ” to market, to market to buy some fish” on the way down I asked him where we were going and he said, “chop” to buy what? ” balloon” I said no we are going to the market to buy…”ish”.

Adorable or what? How ayah bathe you? “Shoap” I.e. soap.

And due to his love for pens, he has mastered its name perfectly.

He has a car pillow case so when he wakes up, he will turn around and say cars cars. This morning, a pillow, he calls ‘pullow’ fell and he said “drop”

It warms my heart, Alhamdulilah, that he loves his books. He will ask and point towards where we keep his library books and say ‘books’ with the emphasis on the k.

I was taken by surprise when I asked him one day who my second brother was, expecting ‘cle’ for uncle. He said ‘achat’. This morning I left him in the room to throw his diaper away and came back to find him missing only to appear from the kitchen area near the toilet and what was he doing there, “achat” he said.

There are more like marble, ball, atok, Emma, mama, anne, baby, aunty (anty), nyayi, box, paper, water (ter), shark (chak), turtle( tartle), flower( fower), butterfly(papa), bus, plane, helicopter (copter), cheese, egg, milk, more, some etc.

After some time, I had time yesterday to show his some cards and it was so fun because he was so attentive and even asked for more. I just wished I had more time…InsyAllah.

My busy little 16 month old

14 Oct

Dearest little one,

This month wheezed by us as it has been filled with loads of fun activities for us! You’ve been to several water parks and we know how much you enjoy those visits when you’ll drag us back to the playground after we’ve clean you up nice and dry.

You’ve been really wonderful though, not throwing a fit if we don’t do as you please, you’ll whine a little but you’ll turn towards other things in no time.

3 weeks ago, you said ummi. On the same day you said emma. You’ve shown recognition towards people in the house as well as your paternal grandparents and aunt. It’s beautiful to see how you light up the faces of people around you when you address them personally with nyayi, atom, mami and even Arshad. You call your uncle by name?!…

You’re running short distances and you have been attempting to jump when your anne mukhlis jumps. Recently you climbed off the bed and walked out of the room on your own when you awoke from sleep in the morning.

Did I mention your love for pens? You just love to write! You like your crayons too! And you look adorable hugging your little bear.

Lots of love,
Your ummi

It has been 15 months?!?!?!?!

16 Sep

Dearest son,

Right now, I’m missing you badly. The weekend syndrome, a dose of too much  of DS, withdrawal symptoms has set in.
Fun. That would sum our time together succinctly. There is of course the need to cook, feed, clean you too but that can be fun too :) especially how we mess up your schedule during the weekend making it difficult for ummi to maintain milk supply and for Emma to take care of you on Monday.

Most of our weekends are filled. You’re still battling with cough so we have taken a break from swimming for now. Lots of oiling with young living oils especially more so when ummi is around.

You started to speak a little English but most times its babblish (baby babbling). Your Emma said she likes to talk to you because its like you are speaking back right at her. You’ve startwd saying bye bye in your own way. You’d listen intently when ummi speak to you over the phone from work. The clearest word is papa. You do say yah for ayah and akka, koko, jiejie and ba boom. I think it’s from a book on planes.

You don’t hesitate to express your interest or otherwise in books and songs. If you don’t like the book, you’d push it away and make a sound to express your displeasure. When ummi say it’s time to read books, you’d go to where we keep your books and point. After ummi takes some books, you’d sit yourself comfortably in ummi’s lap. Anna mukhlis likes to join us then.

Oh and when it comes to songs, you would move to the beat if you like the song and hum along. If you don’t like it you’d make a sound to indicate for us to stop, coupled with your facial expression.

You are fast. You started walking really fast, like running perhaps. You and Anna mukhlis have been racing recently. One moment you are in our room, the next you have entered another room at the far end of our home.

We are doing more art and I think you love exploring the various textures we are learning about. You also enjoy looking at the pictures and words when ummi show them to you.




I look forward to my weekend dose of our little family.

Misses and kisses,
Your ummi


DS ‘s first art piece

10 Sep


Sticky paint made from corn flour, plain flour, water and some white little bead stuff which is called sago seeds. I’m supposed to buy basil seeds but I think this works as well to create a nice different texture for little one to explore.

Oiling with Young living has been great!

9 Sep

I’m convinced that we don’t need to run to the doc every time something doesn’t feel right.

My family and I have been down with several bugs these past few months and it’s taking a toll on me BUT I know now that with lots of prayers, they will heal with all the oiling.

I have been reading loads to equip myself with ways to help the little one. I have been blessed with a sister-in-law as well a group of mothers I am in contact with to support me through this new terrain.

The very first time my SIL helped to oil him when he was down with fever. She mixed 3 oils and started oiling. I wasn’t familiar with oils then but I think they were peppermint, eucalyptus radiata and Theives. The blend with coconut oil was applied on his back and chest as well as feet – focusing on his belly button and armpits. His fever dropped within an hour. But his temperature didn’t remain low. As it fluctuated, I oiled. He was also having flu so we applied RC on his nose bridge, back and chest.

He was down with a flu bug twice and I started oiling him with RC EO in nose bridge, back, chest and feet. I also used thieves and peppermint EO. Raven EO and Frankincense EO as well.

We all came down with a stomach bug some time back. Applied Lemongrass EO and Fennel EO.

We brought DS to Jurong Bird Park and unfortunately it poured. We were stuck at the Lory feeding place which was outdoor. Not sure if it was the rain or the place but he was bitten quite badly by mosquitoes or some insects. I started with Lavender EO the day after when I saw the bumps on his hand and feet, around 4 spots. After 2 days of oiling, I saw slight improvement by the end of the second day , perhaps because I didn’t oil often enough. On the second day, I also used Purification EO. By the third day, it was improving but much faster after applying Melrose EO. He scratched the site so there was some open wound so it dried up and some spots were flattening. Alhamdulilah.

DS also developed high fever of around 39 degree Celsius on the day after our trip to the bird park. After 2 applications of Lavender EO, Peppermint EO, Lemon EO and Theives EO. His temperature plummeted to around 37.5. Alhamdulilah. I continued oiling him around 2-3 times till morning as his temperature fluctuated a little. He was back to his normal temperature by day 2 night. (24 hours) Alhamdulilah.

Right now, dealing with his phelgmy cough which is so stubborn. I tried all sorts of oils but I’m trying something different now, to stick to 2 oils Myrtle EO and Lemon EO. InsyAllah he will get better with plentiful do’a and tlc amidst the oiling.


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