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My darling boy is moving on fours

29 Jan

We watched him crawl on fours today! How wonderful to watch this little person roll from his back to his little tummy and push himself upward and glide forward. And suddenly he can crawl on fours. He can even crawl down little steps!

He was attracted to the little drains in the kitchen. He likes paper too! When uncle Irshad was sitting with some papers he was sorting through, he crawled as quickly as his little knees and legs can bring him towards the papers to grab and crush them.

He’s fast Alhamdulilah. It also means he can’t be left alone for too long or you’ll find him in another part of the house clawing at some wire or string or a bag strap etc. even if you leave him with all his toys. I guess he is an explorer now!

@7 months 15 days


My attempt at Garlic Fried Rice with Breaded Chicken

20 Jan

While putting DS down for nighttime slumber, I planned the menu for dinner. Most of the time, we just buy out because after a long day, it’s just too exhausting to have to cook but I didn’t want to eat unhealthy outside food just because I’m a little lazy to prepare something.

I scaled down my plans a little because it was getting late when I have settled the baby.

Western food is a little quicker to cook than Indian food. It’s also because I baked maybe. The fried rice was Pilipino style.

Here goes:





The most amazing 7 months with you

14 Jan

Dearest son,

We are having much more fun together be it at a playground or the pool, it’s a really nice time for ummi reliving my childhood days.

You’re starting to carry your buttocks and push your chest off the floor/ bed. You have this way of moving forward by swinging yourself back and forth. You’ve had your first fall since and we notice that you’re very curious about the edge of the bed. I guess you aren’t able to negotiate distances and don’t see the consequences yet. Your ayah lets you hang from the edge of the bed with just half your body on the bed. I dare not.

You are enjoying the lifts in the air and moving through air. You’re kicking a lot more in the water during baths but that has transformed to other activities in the water.

You’re flexing your leg muscle by bending your knees and straightening it when I hold you while you stand on my thighs or a bed.

You’re crawling already! You’re curious about everything and anything. You try to look out the window while I carry you. I want to watch you crawl!

Your wonderful smile warms my heart every single time! You are so observant now, you even notice your ummi in the dark and smile.

You feel asleep on aunty Robina and aunty Faridah. I think you were too tired. We shall visit her in New Zealand one day insyAllah. You’re a darling to anyone who looks at you.

Lots of new experiences and lots more to come insyAllah.

You’ve had a taste of avocado, banana and sweet potatoes! Actually you tastes apples too but really not for you.

Your Emma mentioned that I’m very protective of you and I’m struggling with the idea of being your mother. I love it to bits! I’m absolutely enjoying it Alhamdulilah. I tend to put up fences to block people I feel threaten my bond with you. The slightest actions, words or even body language of anyone (no matter who) which my motherly antenna picks up will immediately put me into action. Sometimes social rules stop me from grabbing you and running away so I sulk. I’m sorry. I should not apologize for feeling as a mother should but the world is not just you and I.

With bubbling love,
Your ummi

Ouch! Your first fall from the bed

8 Jan

It was horrible!

After ummi put you down for bed, we’ll go have our dinner and spend some time outside the room and you’ll be sound asleep. I’ve always been happy with your night sleep, most of the time, you’ll stir when you’re hungry then you’ll travel back to deep slumber after some milk fills your tummy.

After our dinner, we heard this loud cry and we ran to the room to find out missing from the bed and crying while on your tummy on the floor next to the bed.

The more I imagine how you ended up on the floor, the worse I feel. I know it’s sometimes inevitable but I blame myself for taking things for granted.

Alhamdulilah you don’t seem to have any bumps.

A day of many firsts!

2 Jan

We started breakfast a little late because dear son had a morning nap at 10am.

I really wanted to make him something but didn’t have the time unfortunately so we tried the Gerber’s applesauce. He ‘irked’ it just like carrot. This time I tasted it and boy was it sweet! I tried. DS tried despite not liking it. I gave up before he did and we went back to plain reliable old healthy times cereal. I think it’s oatmeal for now. It was brown rice for a while and now oatmeal and hopefully it’ll be barley next insyAllah.

*i realized I speak to DS a lot in my blog compared to the speaking of him*

We had a splashing time at the pool! Well I did. You were quite expressionless mostly, how we realized you normally are when it comes to new experiences. Maybe you’re a thinker like me haha! We brought many toys and a thick towel for you! Ummi was quite scared and afraid, not sure how you’ll take it and whether it’ll be too cold for you in a normal adult pool. We spent around 15-20 minutes in the pool with me carrying you, twirling you, swishing you around! We concluded with a relaxing time leaning on ummi while we glide slowly through the water.

We headed to the beach next! You slept in the ride all the way there and you seemed pretty dazed and tired from the days activities. We took it slow. You were looking around, very curious of your surroundings. Uncle Reyas and aunty Adilah joined us there. They tried playing with you but you didn’t entertain them much. We took turns bringing you down to the water. Aunty Adilah also tried getting your feet to touch the water crashing into the sand but you cried. You didn’t like it. We tried again but you started crying when the water started coming towards you. It’s ok, we’ll try again next time and we can build sandcastles together too!