30 Apr
That is us! My wonderful company on the not-so-very special day!

That is us! My wonderful company on the 'not-so-very' special day!



And now, another shot where we all look kinda funny but eh background makes up for it 🙂

It was after that when we decided to feed our growling stomach, or was it mine alone ? It was satay and roti john by the river!.How cool is that? It is nice just hanging out and yea…

As you grow older, presents are not all that you look for but having people with you in your life; friends and family. It is a wonderful blessing which God has not give me short of any, Alhamdulilah. What if one day it is all taken from you? I shall not wait for the day to come before i start appreciating what i have.

But thank u! All those who wished me as well, no matter how many years go by, the number of wishes does make the day of those who are celebrating their birth many years later. So thank u! And gosh the facebook wishes as well! Such warm fuzzy feeling!

Special thanks to Nisa aka Visa ( I am sure all of u know her since her name is printed on all ur VISA cards) and Rachel, you should know her too 🙂 the pretty one in the dress from the pics above…for spending the evening with me. Also the nice, unique gift which i love much! I will flaunt it! Haha…thanks Pooja too!


My dear busy friends who brought me those unstoppable laughs…last Sunday.


Eww…smelly cards! It is called slamwich…kind of fun but really R tried so hard to win..u know what it is natural talent which allows the winner to surface! Gish i am crapping… well it is late…so pardon my increasing lameness.


Yeap that is us, but we had fun…Taboo was the most fun as we had a scapegoat, the only him present. Just imagine, he was so agitated that he banged the table and kept describing even after the minute was up. He tried so hard but … dont worry R, practice harder!


Another special thanks to A and R!


p.s. i am full of smileys today! Every message and reply includes one so this post shall end with one 🙂


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